New Life Program

Harvest Farm is a 209-acre farm and rehabilitation center for men, located in Wellington, Colorado. The Farm accommodates up to 72 men who participate in a long-term program with the goal of breaking the cycles of addiction and homelessness. Harvest Farm works in partnership with Fort Collins Rescue Mission, and both operate under the umbrella of Denver Rescue Mission. Program participants at Harvest Farm take part in the five-phase New Life Program, designed to help them gain the skills, stability and self-esteem necessary to become productive, self-sufficient members of society. This nationally recognized rehabilitation program combines academics, life skills classes, Bible study, work therapy, and Christian counseling in a curriculum extending up to 27 months.

An on-site, computer enhanced LifeSkills, Education, and Career Center (LEC) allows participants to pursue academic and vocational studies, and emphasizes topics such as resume building and interview skills. Relational and life skill courses tackle themes such as anger management, self-awareness, debt elimination, and budgeting. For those interested in GED and educational opportunities, LEC also aids in guidance and tutorial support.

Our garden is tended by program participants and volunteers. The Farm’s dining hall serves thousands of meals to program participants, staff, volunteers, and guests each year, using Farm-grown produce as well as meat as often as possible. Other livestock, including pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, and a small dairy herd of Jerseys round out the diversity of the Farm.

Get Help

If you’re interested in joining the New Life Program at Harvest Farm, please call 970.568.9803 for more information.


Fort Collins Rescue Mission &
Harvest Farm

Fort Collins Rescue Mission (FCRM) and Harvest Farm operate under the umbrella of Denver Rescue Mission which has been serving the homeless and poor in Colorado and changing lives in the name of Christ, since 1892.

FCRM meets the immediate, physical needs of homeless men and women, but we also strive to help people find self-sufficiency. Through the New Life Program offered at Harvest Farm—located just miles from the Fort Collins Rescue Mission—we can give men that chance.

If you need help with meals and/or shelter, please call Fort Collins Rescue Mission at 970.224.4302.